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Product Classification Center
  • 车载硬盘录像机Vehicle Hard Disk Video Recorder
    AHD Vehicle Video Recorder
    NVR Vehicle Video Recorder
    Beidou+GPS Locator
    车载AHD摄像机Vehicle-mounted AHD camera
    车辆网络摄像机Vehicle Network Camera
    车载全景摄像机Vehicle-mounted pan camera
    车载周边设备Vehicle peripheral equipment
  • 高清网络解码矩阵High Definition Network Decoding Matrix
    网络解码矩阵无拼接Network Decoding Matrix without Stitching
    网络解码矩阵拼接Matrix splicing of network decoding
    网络解码键盘Network Decoder Keyboard
  • 高清硬盘录像机High Definition Hard Disk Video Recorder
    NVR网络型硬盘录像机NVR Network Hard Disk Video Recorder
    电力线硬盘录像机Power Line Hard Disk Video Recorder
    电力线网络摄像机Power Line Network Camera
  • 网络摄像机系列Network Camera Series
    Solar 4G Network Camera
    WiFi-TF Card Camera
    半球网络摄像机Hemispheric Network Camera
    枪式网络摄像机Gun Network Camera
    高速球网络摄像机High Speed Ball Network Camera
    热成像网络摄像机Thermal Imaging Network Camera
  • 采集网络摄像机系列Acquisition Network Camera Series
    采集网络摄像机Acquisition Network Camera
    数据采集传感器Data Acquisition Sensor
    移动充电桩Mobile Charging Pile
Company profile

   Hong Kong Great White Shark Electronics (Group) Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Taihe Lian'an Defense Electronics Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Sorbonne Industrial Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Huabang Hai TV Technology Co., Ltd. are the production enterprises invested in mainland China in September 2002. They are dedicated to vehicle-mounted AHD hard disk video recorders; vehicle-mounted NVR hard disk video recorders; SD truck-mounted video recorders; vehicle-mounted network video cameras; Quasi-AHD camera; automatic tracking network high-speed ball; 128-way NVR video recorder; 64-way AHD video recorder; network decoding matrix; 4G vehicle-mounted network platform; Beidou GPS positioner; vehicle-mounted platform; temperature and humidity acquisition camera; environmental pollution monitoring camera; soil humidity sensor acquisition camera; Agricultural Automatic irrigation; sewage automatic treatment; streaming media analysis platform; intelligent home control equipment; Equipment; Intelligent security products such as production. Set R&D, production, sales and service in one, with a number of independent intellectual property rights of innovative enterprises, the company relies on strong economic strength to have the first independent Korean R&D team; the latest scientific research results into products in a timely manner. High-quality R&D transforms high-performance security products, which are supported by Korean LP Company and famous chip developers in the process of development, and an effective service system has been established. Its products have been widely and successfully applied in airports, financial systems, prisons, transportation, highways, government projects, private enterprises and other hundreds of thousands of places; a wide range of product sales channels, loyal customer communities, continuous improvement of product performance, a wide range of applications, systematic, optimized solutions, Hong Kong Great White Shark security products to meet the needs of different industries, all-round. Safety needs, and to provide optimized solutions to the security system; in the vast number of customers to establish a good image, and has been awarded the national high-tech enterprises, safe city construction recommended brand, safe city construction excellent security products, China's most potential high-end security products, quality and integrity consumers (users) trusted units and other titles.

With the successful incorporation of Hong Kong Great White Shark Security Technology into China's designated products for the development of Ping'an urban area monitoring, the wide-area performance of the product line has been continuously strengthened. In order to better provide timely and effective services to customers, we have invested more in technical indicators and established chain-like service agencies in Beijing, Chongqing, Jiangxi and Northwest provinces and cities respectively. At the same time, the great white sharks in Hong Kong are steadily moving towards the whole country, and constantly exploring overseas markets. At present, the products of great white shark security in Hong Kong are exported to many countries and regions.

Most of the management and R&D teams of the Great White Shark Security Group in Hong Kong have master's degree and bachelor's degree. The company pays attention to the career planning of its employees. The great white sharks in Hong Kong advocate the principle of "six talents, eight talents, ten treatment; attractive treatment, cultural touching, career retention". Good development space, humanized management mode, a group of vigorous new forces become the core team of the company.

At the same time, it has established excellent service system and good product sales channels. Hong Kong Great White Shark products meet all-round security needs of different industries and win the trust of customers. "Putting the interests of partners first" is the business philosophy of the Great White Shark Security Science and Technology in Hong Kong. On the basis of mutual respect and trust, the Great White Shark Security in Hong Kong regards integrity, trustworthiness, respect for others and overall interests as its management philosophy to help each partner succeed. Hong Kong Great White Shark Security Group will continue to achieve the rapid growth of Great White Shark Security and Partners in Hong Kong through innovative design concepts. At the same time, Hong Kong Great White Shark Security Group adheres to the strategy of sustainable development. The company's development closely revolves around the values of enterprise efficiency, value creation, environmental protection, respect for human culture, energy conservation and rational use of resources.

Hong Kong Great White Shark Security Science and Technology Concept: Excellent quality, leading service, stability is my commitment!

Company Mission: Innovation is my survival! It is our responsibility to create benefits for every customer.

Team Spirit: Good Service! Act fast! Efficient!

Ideal goal: quality first! Function first! Innovation first!